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The WESTON Series is your entry point into the captivating world of cricket, offering a beginner-level Kashmir Willow bat meticulously crafted for novices. This series provides an affordable yet high-quality option, ensuring that your journey into cricket is both enjoyable and accessible.

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•Tailored for beginners entering the world of cricket.
•Strikes a balance between budget-friendly accessibility and essential cricketing performance.
•Carefully carved from Kashmir Willow, providing a genuine taste of the game.
•Allows beginners to experience the thrill of cricket without compromise.
•Weighs approximately 1200-1300 grams, delivering a seamless blend of power and maneuverability.
•Features a traditional round cane handle for a comfortable grip, empowering beginners to focus on honing their skills with ease and confidence.
•Available in various sizes, accommodating players of different ages and heights.
•Ideal choice for those taking their initial steps into the cricketing world.
•Designed to be more than just equipment; it’s a key to unlocking your passion for the game.

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