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Introducing the MASTER BLASTER, your perfect companion for the early stages of your cricketing journey. This beginner-grade English Willow bat is crafted with care, offering a harmonious balance of power, precision, and control – ideal for those stepping onto the field for the first time.

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• The MASTER BLASTER, a beginner-grade English Willow bat, offers a balanced blend of power, precision, and control, perfect for newcomers to cricket.
• Crafted from carefully selected English Willow, it ensures both quality and durability, capable of withstanding the learning curve of the game.
• Weighing around 1150-1250 grams, it strikes an ideal balance between power and maneuverability, complemented by a traditional round cane handle for optimal grip and control.
• Available in various sizes, catering to players entering the cricketing world, nurturing skills, and building confidence as they progress.
• Thoroughly tested against leather balls to ensure reliability and suitability for beginner play, complete with a padded full-length bat cover for protection and convenience.


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