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Introducing our SIGNATURE batting pads, setting the standard for top-notch protection and durability. Crafted with premium quality imported polyurethane facing and cotton-filled knee rolls reinforced with high-density foam, these pads ensure resilience and comfort. The extra High-Density sponge-filled vertical bolster, accompanied by TPU insert for Knee protection, guarantees exceptional safety. With added high-density foam in the side wings and an imported PU instep featuring hard-wearing piping, these pads ensure lasting performance. Complete with extra butterfly straps for a customized fit and added protection on the top hat, they come in sizes Adult, S. Adult, Youth & Junior, catering to players of all levels.

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-Premium quality imported polyurethane facing for exceptional durability and resilience.
– Cotton-filled knee rolls with an added layer of high-density foam reinforcement for enhanced protection and comfort.
-Extra High-Density sponge-filled vertical bolster, paired with TPU insert for Knee protection, ensures superior safety.
-Extra high-density foam filled in side wings provides additional safeguarding during play.
-Imported PU instep with hard-wearing piping ensures long-lasting performance.
-Additional butterfly straps allow for a customized fit, maximizing comfort and security.
-Comes with padded strap and added protection on the top hat, offering comprehensive coverage.
-Available in Adult, S. Adult, Youth & Junior sizes, catering to players of various age groups and skill levels.


Mens, Youth, Boys, Baby

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