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These Batting Pads redefine protection and style with their Indian PU construction and Cane Front, ensuring a solid defense against impact. Adding a dash of flair, the New Eye-catching printing on the side wing merges style seamlessly with protection. Engineered for durability, the Cotton-filled knee rolls are reinforced with high-density foam, offering resilience during intense gameplay. The High-density sponge-filled vertical bolster, combined with a TPU insert, guarantees exceptional knee protection, while the extra high-density foam filling in the side wings adds an extra layer of safety. With a Mesh instep and hard-wearing piping, these pads are built to last. Available in Mens, Youth, and Boy sizes, these pads cater to players of various age groups, promising protection and style in every game.

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• Batting Pads crafted from Indian PU, featuring a Cane Front for robust protection.
• New eye-catching printing adorns the side wing, adding style to protection.
• Cotton-filled knee rolls reinforced with high-density foam for added durability.
• High-density sponge-filled vertical bolster equipped with TPU insert ensures knee protection.
• Extra high-density foam filling in the side wings for enhanced safety.
• Includes a Mesh instep with hard-wearing piping for increased durability.
• Available in Mens, Youth, and Boy sizes to cater to various age groups.


Mens, Youth, Boys, Baby

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