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The CROMTON Series is the go-to choice for cricket enthusiasts seeking an intermediate-level Kashmir Willow bat. Crafted with precision and performance in mind, the CROMTON bat offers a perfect blend of quality and affordability, making it an ideal companion for players stepping up their game.

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•Tailored for cricket enthusiasts at the intermediate level.
•Strikes an impressive balance between advanced features and accessible pricing.
•Allows players to elevate their cricketing experience without compromising on the essence of the game.
•Weighs approximately 1200-1300 grams, seamlessly fusing power and maneuverability.
•Features a traditional round cane handle for a comfortable grip, empowering intermediate players to execute shots with precision and confidence.
•Available in various sizes, accommodating players of different ages and heights.
•Provides an excellent option for those eager to advance in their cricketing journey.
•More than just equipment; it’s a reliable companion on the path to refining skills and mastering the game.


Double Blade, Single Blade

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